Cloud FTP Storage

Just as would would change your wordpress website host to a wordpress hosting service with fast internet connections and servers in order to increase the load speed of the website. You can equally increase the speed of your online business by synchronising the computers, located in different branches of your company, with each other using a cloud ftp (file transfer protocol) host. Technically minded persons know the advantages of using this method of uploading files to and retrieving it from a server. Using secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) adds an extra layer of security to the data, preventing it from being hacked during the transmission process. However, the main drawback of traditional FTP is that other individuals, who have access to the server, have to log in to it on a regular basis to check for updates, made by someone else. Would it not be great if the other computers, linked to your network, were automatically updated as soon as a change takes place in any one of them?

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Share files in real time

You can now share files in real time with the help of cloud FTP servers. Search online. You will find many companies offering this service. They offer both paid and free options. However, there are certain restrictions if you choose the latter... the main one being disk space restriction. You can avail extra disk space by opting for the paid version plus there is no restriction on the number of computers accessing the network. Apart from that, you also get the advantage of instantaneous help if you face any problems. Find below the basics of setting up such an account and synchronising your account with computers in the other branches of your company.

Sign up and start exchanging files

Choose a cloud FTP server whose tariff and storage space meets your requirements. You will have to download dedicated software and install it on your PC. The host provides this program. The other users of your business network have to download and install that software on their computers as well. Create a special folder on your computer and request other users to follow the same process. Link this folder using the software provided by the cloud host.

Log in and forget

Forget about logging in to the net launching your FTP client, and checking the server for updates. The cloud FTP software synchronises this task. Log on to the server using the username and password. Now copy documents you want to share with others linked to your network copy and paste it to the special folder'. The server will transfer it automatically to the designated folder on the networked computers as soon as they log in to the cloud server. Can you imagine the boost your business can get with this method of file sharing? The best part is that one does not need to be tech savvy to perform this task. They just need to log in to the cloud FTP server and let the software run in the background.