MKI Web Design Agency

Various studies have proven that over eighty percent of your prospective customers will log onto a company's website before they do business with them. It's also well-known that people usually form an opinion of a company within a few seconds. If your business' website isn't making the sort of impression you'd like, or if you'd like to sharpen your company's image and realize better sales numbers, then we're the web design agency for you.

Our mission is to help each of our clients to reach their business goals by creating a good digital strategy. Then, we will help to refine and implement that plan. With our help, your site will get more traffic and you will make more sales. There are some phenomenal web design agencies around, but to be successful, a website needs to be more than just good-looking; it needs to get results. Our company specializes in the creation of websites that present a business' image, while turning site visitors into customers. If you choose us, you're guaranteed a site that:

  • Is created to impress. Your site is often the first impression a customer gets of your company, and to convert a customer into a buyer, you'll need to leave an impression that engenders both confidence and trust.
  • Loads quickly. Sites that are coded in such a manner will encourage visitors to stick around longer, looking at more pages- and the longer you hold a visitor's attention, the more likely they are to become a customer.
  • Is easily navigated. If we design your site, its visitors will quickly find whatever it is that they are searching for, and your sales process will be more streamlined.
  • Is fully search engine optimized. Sites built by our SEO team will help bring more organic traffic in from the major search engines.

Our web design agency works like this. We'll start off by asking you about the target market, background and goals of your company. We'll also take your design preferences into account, and we will build you a site that's appealing to your customers and you. The design process begins with the information above, and with some planning and research. Our initial design will be sent to you as an .img file, and we'll take your feedback and make revisions if they are needed. Once you approve our design, we'll begin the development phase- adding content, coding, and special functions. During the development phase, you can view your site in-progress.

When development is completed, we'll test everything thoroughly to ensure that your site works in all the major web browsers. After we test your site, and upon your approval, we'll launch it. The web design packages we offer make it very easy to get a website with the custom features you need. Look at all the deals we offer, to see which best fits your company's needs. If you have any concerns or questions, contact us either online or by phone.